Historical location

Max Havelaar Kindcentrum is situated in a unique location on the historic canals in the heart of Delft. In our attractive multifunctional building, education and childcare literally and figuratively come together.

Day care

The friendly day care is located on the ground floor, with a separate, private outdoor area and a private entrance at Verwersdijk 21. A glass corridor connects the day care with the rest of the building, where most of the educational groups and the out-of-school care areas are located.


Out-of-school care

The entrance to the out-of-school care is at Voorstraat 30. The out-of-school care areas partly double up with the education facilities. This is how we make optimal use of the themed areas, such as the technology studio, the art studio, the garden studio and the culture studio, as well as the sports studio. The playgrounds have been designed to encourage the children to explore and discover.


Primary school

The main entrance for the education facilities is at the side of the building, in Drie Akersstraat 4. This entrance leads to the 1st and 2nd floors of the building, either by stairs or by lift. The day care groups are located on the ground floor. The other groups are spread over the different floors.