Within the child centre, parental and staff participation are organised separately for education and childcare. For education, this is the task of the participation council, and for childcare, we have a parent committee. We are working towards creating a form of consultation in which the representatives of the participation council and the parent committee discuss the mutual topics for the children’s centre. 

Participation council for school

Every school has a participation council (MR). This MR consists of parents/guardians and school staff. The role of the MR is to discuss, help with and give advice on school policy.


Parents/guardians and staff are involved in school policy via the MR. For a number of topics, the school must seek the advice or consent of the MR, before making a decision. This means that the MR is an important way for you to have a say in school policy.


The members of the MR are elected by all of the parents/guardians or members of staff. MR members represent their own colleagues or fellow parents/guardians. 


The MR exercises influence on school policy. This is done in consultation with as many people who are affected as possible. The general terms of reference of participation councils are contained in the Dutch Participation in Schools Act (Wms).


The Participation Council:

  • Promotes openness and mutual consultation within the school;
  • Guards against discrimination and promotes equal treatment in equal cases;
  • Reports to the school community on their activities, and consults with other bodies of the school.

The Max Havelaar is affiliated to the Stichting Christelijk Onderwijs Delft en Omstreken (SCO Delft en Omstreken). This is why there is also a joint participation council. The role of the joint participation council is to discuss the school board's policy that applies to all schools, including the distribution of financial resources between the schools. The members of the joint participation council are also parents/guardians and staff. They are elected by the participation councils of the individual schools.


If you would like to join the council, please send an email to You can also request the public minutes and get more information about the possibilities for registering to become a candidate for the participation council.

Contact MR 



Parent Committee for childcare

Contact: Anneloes Bodewes (Chair)