Out-of-school care

The end-of-school bell rings. Yippee! It's time for adventure! A place with friends to play with. Fun, challenging and relaxing activities, and the chance to get a taste of science, culture and nature.



Discovering at out-of-school care

Our out-of-school care is organised around the pillars: nature, culture and science. This is not only reflected in our activities, but also in the design of our out-of-school care facilities. Here, inspiration is literally there for the taking. For example, children find it incredibly exciting to dismantle an old television in the technology workshop. Their fingers itch when they see the shelves with trays containing the most wonderful materials such as feathers, corks, nuts and magnets.



Wonderlijke materialen, ontdekken en uitproberen op de buitenschoolse opvangIn the garden studio, they study insects and leaves under the microscope, or repot plants. On the mezzanine floor is the construction lab. Children make the most beautiful constructions here with Duplo, Lego or Kapla. Under the mezzanine, between the greenery is a chill spot. In the culture workshop, children can make music on the piano or play the recorders. There’s an amazing large rug that 'invites' the children to use it as a stage. And they do! They become the performer. They stand differently, and act differently on their ‘stage’.


We also look at ways to help the children develop 21st century skills. The knowledge-based economy of tomorrow requires new qualities and skills from the children of today. They have to be able to work together, solve problems, use IT, think critically, and also be creative, social, entrepreneurial, curious and involved. That's what we want to teach your child.


Because children make the world of tomorrow: science, technology, culture and 21st century skills



Holiday programme

During school holidays and when there’s no school, we are open all day. During school holidays, there is an extra fun holiday programme for the children. We hope your child join us.


Out-of-school care options

You can choose from three out-of-school care packages:

  • Out-of-school care Total (52 weeks): after-school hours, with care credit for school holidays, non-school days and school days
  • Out-of-school care Plus (46 weeks): after-school hours, with care credit for school holidays and non-school days
  • Out-of-school care Basic (40 school weeks): only after-school hours (on school days).

Before-school careProeven van proeven van wetenschap, cultuur en natuur


Early birds can attend our before-school care on school days. From 07.30 children get a warm welcome and a healthy breakfast. Afterwards there’s is time to play, catch up or just quietly read a book. This ensures children start their school day relaxed.


Well organised with the app

The Out-of-school care Total and Plus packages include care credit that you can use during the school holidays and also on non-school days. If you have no credit left, or if you have a Basic Package, you can also book extra days. These will then be charged separately.


If you want to register your child for holiday care or non-school day care, request an extra day or exchange a day, you can do so in our handy app. We will let you know as soon as possible if there is room for your child on the requested day. We will also send you messages and photos via the app, so you can enjoy seeing your child's experiences.