Learning by discovery

Children learn best when they can discover and investigate for themselves, and so continue to be surprised and amazed. We want your child to feel challenged by activities carefully put together by the teachers.
Children come up with questions after reading a book either alone or aloud, after seeing a report on the children’s news, or following a particular event. These questions form the starting point of learning by discovery, and the teacher makes sure that the learning goals that have been set are covered in what they discuss with your child. Learning by discovery ensures that children are motivated, enjoy learning more, feel free to ask questions, and develop an inquisitive attitude.


In our nursery classes, the entire educational programme is based on learning by discovery. An infant school child learns by playing in their own way. The teacher guides and supervises the materials and games offered to each child.


In the higher groups, we alternate between learning by discovery and school-based learning. This combination ensures that your child is well prepared for secondary school. Your child is proficient in the 21st-century skills and has mastered the knowledge required for further education.