Culture & Nature

Educating children about culture and nature are an important aspect of our children’s centre, Culture and nature are all around us. From our building, right in the heart of Delft, we experience the rich cultural history of this beautiful city on a daily basis.
Cultural education provides the perfect backdrop to our vision that children should be able to develop their talents in a safe environment. Your child learns to think more creatively about solutions, learns to build bridges between different worlds, and becomes more aware of themself and others. We will provide your child with the opportunity to develop their creative potential.


Theme-based learning

Our provision of Culture & Nature education takes various forms. Each year, we work on interesting themes within these subjects. We try to link each theme to a cultural activity, a visit to a museum, or meeting someone who talk to the group or show them something. We conclude one of the themes each year with a presentation for parents/guardians.


The lower school groups, the day care and the out-of-school care work thematically throughout the year. This is done in a broad approach with attention to learning by discovery. Discovering nature and culture form a structural element in this approach. Your child experiences the process of growing and blossoming by going outside to look at insects, and by planting seeds and bulbs.


Music teacher

For children in groups 1-4, there is a specialist music teacher, and your child will receive weekly music lessons. They will learn how to make music and how to sing, and they will become familiar with different types of music.


Cultural activities

Our school participates in the Kunstklik programme organised by our cultural partners. A cultural activity is organised twice a year for each group. The activities are structured in such a way that all art disciplines are covered in the course of your child’s years at school. For example, your child might go to a performance at De Veste Theatre, or visit a museum in the city.


Training team

We work together with Cultuurhelden, an educational partner who supports us in how we provide cultural education. Teachers are trained, for example, in how to create lessons and support creative processes.