Pedagogical vision

At the Max Havelaar child centre, we offer children primary education and childcare in a single continuous line of personal growth. Within our child centre we place extra attention on nature, culture, science and technology, and the acquisition of 21st-century skills. This is how we best prepare your child/children for a bright future. All in one beautiful building, right in the heart of Delft.

Faith in children

Your child will settle in a warm and familiar environment in which they can grow and flourish. Primary education and childcare feel like one, so that children do not go from 'island' to 'island' during the transition from school to out-of-school care, for example. Our faith in every child forms the basis for everything we do. We visualise this in the sketch of a flower.

Faith in children is at the heart of the flower. We have faith in the fact that every child can and will learn about the world around them. The flower petals depict what the children ask of us on their journey of discovery. The flower is carried by the stem. This stem stands for the firm and safe foundation, where we look out for one another. Parents/guardians are also part of this foundation. They safeguard the growing power of our child centre.

We also use ‘Orka training’ for the social-emotional development of our students. Orka training is an innovative teaching method that teaches important skills such as self-confidence, cooperation and emotional regulation. This is achieved by allowing children to choose a superhero featured on the Superhero Posters. Through this, they practise responding to various social situations and learn how to function effectively, both as an individual and within a group. Every staff member is trained by Orka Practice to deliver this program. Orka training is suitable for children of all ages within our childcare centre.