Tailor-made education

Our committed team at Max Havelaar Kindcentrum offers your child/children as much tailor-made education as possible. We look specifically at what your child needs.
Tailor-made education begins when the teacher starts by recognising the differences between children. We match the teaching provision, instruction, processing and teaching time to the educational needs of each child. The teacher looks carefully at what suits a child best, and who needs extra instruction or help. This way, children feel seen, they enjoy learning, and we increase the potential for creating positive experiences.


Three levels

Most subjects are offered at three levels. Children who find the lessons offered difficult, are given modified support and extended instruction by the teacher or teaching assistant. If a child finds certain material easy, they can continue at a higher level with more challenging assignments.


Ahead of the rest

If your child is ahead of the rest, they will receive education appropriate to their level. The teacher offers extra challenges, so your child continues to grow. The talent coach supports the teacher in this. These pupils work together in groups on interesting projects.

Monitoring development

From group 1 onwards, we use the KIJK! observation lists. From group 3 onwards, we monitor you child’s development using the CITO (Central Institute for Test Development) tests in addition to KIJK! This helps ensure we are in time if a child’s development deviates from the expected growth path.


We keep a digital file on every child. This includes data about the family, staff discussions about a child, meetings with parents/guardians, special tests, action plans, test and report data from each year. We keep you well informed on the development of your child/children. This ensures that we can support your child/children together.