Technology & Science

We want to stimulate children within our children’s centre to investigate and to design with curiosity, with a critical and creative attitude. The inquisitive attitude and the corresponding skills that the children develop will equip them well for the future.
We work in subjects, but also in a cross-curricular approach. Working on a theme: animals, plants, countries, history; researching and trying out materials or tools; progressing through a creative process; developing the 21st century skills; and learning through play with your young child.


Technology workshop

We have a real technology workshop on the ground floor, which can be used during school and out-of-school care hours. So, children can practice being an engineer or designer.



In our children’s centre, we use Bee-bots for young children, and Blue-bots and micro:bits are available for older children to discover the principles of software programming.


Science Centre Delft

Our educational programme for the Technology & Science pillar extends beyond the walls of our children’s centre. We are also keen to be connected with our surroundings. For example, we have a collaboration with Science Centre Delft, where our school classes and the out-of-school care groups follow a series of lessons based on an agreed curriculum. In recent years, the focus has been on 'Robotics', using the research and design cycle. We also often participate in the First Lego League with a group of enthusiastic young designers!