We strive to create a healthy environment, focusing on healthy food and exercise. At school, we eat fruit as a snack three days a week and Wednesday is water day. At day care and out-of-school care (BSO), we eat fruit and drink water or tea every day.
The groups also pay a lot of attention to learning through movement. For this purpose, we regularly use spaces other than the classroom. In education, a sports teacher is present and groups 7 and 8 go to Mondriaan for gym lessons. At the day-care centre and the BSO, Sport4Kids provides fun and inspiring sports and exercise activities.


Healthy School

A Healthy School means that the entire child centre pays attention to a healthy lifestyle. We do this in the areas of Nutrition, Exercise and Sport and Well-being.


Our child centre is a Healthy School on the theme of Nutrition. In the 2020-2021 school year, we obtained the national Healthy School Vignette This school year we are working towards recertification. Therefore, in all groups we focus on Taste lessons, healthy snacks, a healthy lunch and the Max Havelaar healthy treat policy.


We think it is important that children do well, that they are comfortable in their own skin and enjoy coming to the Child Centre where they can stay in a safe environment. We find it important that children exercise and sport sufficiently and eat and drink healthily. Max Havelaar Kindcentrum is supported in its Healthy School approach by GGD Haaglanden.


Want to know more about the Healthy School? Ask the Healthy School Coordinator Kirsten Kok and/or visit the GGD website (in Dutch).


More information? Check this:

Childcare uses Sport4Kids and the oldest children of the BSO can opt for the SportRing.